Are you ready for a change?  We have an unwavering passion for online marketing and search optimization with proven results

Why Mindset Local?

The world is a noisy place. From cable newsrooms, to social media pages, to the busy street corners of a busy main street, everyone is relentlessly trying to get someone’s attention; to tell them what the next big thing is, whether they have it or not.  

You have the next big product or service. The world deserves to know about it. You deserve to show it to them. And we provide the platform to spread a cohesive message across the internet that converts curious visitors into dedicated customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our collection of marketing services, coupled with our unwavering dedication to staying updated on the latest trends, will help to broadcast you and your business across the length and breadth of today’s modern media. In short, we create a buzz that converts.  

Online Marketing & Consulting

We understand the complexities of engaging today’s customer. We are ready to help you with everything from creating innovative websites, to enhancing your visibility to the public, to establishing long-term partnerships designed to support your message far into the future. We are expert at turning modest websites into trusted authorities that the user, as well as the search engines, love.


We will analyze search trends within your market, research competitors, and implement effective strategies to increase visibility on the web for the long haul.  We do this by creating content that people and search engines love.  Having a properly optimized website can help to considerably improve online visibility.


We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your needs. In doing so, we are able to create a unique website designed to communicate your company’s purpose to the public, efficiently scale alongside your business, and serve as an accurate reflection of the company brand.


Search engines like Google are constantly changing their search parameters. As such, getting to and remaining at the top of a list of search results means constantly hitting a moving target. We will examine your website to identify its strengths and weaknesses. We then provide an in-depth report on how strong your site is and what needs to be done to make it lovable.


The online marketplace is a tangled jungle that is treacherous to navigate for the uninitiated. From building a new site to strengthening an existing one, from perfecting and strengthening your company’s brand to expanding it, we offer a wide array of tools and services to make your online presence stand out from the crowd.


Your brand is who you are. Whether it is on the homepage of your website or in the corner of a business card, it is how the world recognizes and learns to trust you. Our graphics design team will take the time to create a custom logo and brand identity that accurately represents your message and is worthy of respect.


Writing is about more than conveying a message. It is a mark of who you are, of your sophistication, elegance, and poise. Our content writing and editing team is fully prepared to ensure that your words are a reflection of your standing as a business.


Mindset Local has been an amazing resource for our business. Their holistic approach to brand strategy and design really helped us refine who we are as a company, and how we communicate our value to clients. Justin’s creative direction while re-branding really amplified the quality and authenticity of the finished brand.

The SEO and content marketing consulting services have really been an eye opener for us. Justin is always willing to walk you through how your website is seen by Google and others, and measurably enhance traffic when we implement his recommendations. Hiring Mindset for a website audit is the best marketing money you can spend, and should be your first money spent in optimizing your online presence.

Ben Munson

Managing Partner, Memorie Group ~ Homeover55

MSL helped our small non-profit create a professional footprint and optimize our impact through Google Ads, Website design and SEO Services. In terms of how great his impact was, I consider us years ahead of where we were. They took the work off the plate of the leadership team and moved us forward in a matter of months. We are now positioned to grow into a larger organization with the necessary infrastructure in place. Many thanks to Justin and his crew for the effort, attention to detail and enthusiasm.

DJ Todd

President, Water For The Global Community

Free Consultation

Competition on the internet has never been fiercer, and neither have we. We will evaluate your website, social media presence, and online ranking to identify what you need to achieve your goals.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What is website optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO), or website optimization, is the process of making changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPS). Based on a number of factors, search engines evaluate your website’s relevance and readability before assigning it a position or ranking on the search engine results page.  We will design an SEO strategy that helps to improve visibility and clicks.

What does a new website cost?

Priceing a website is not as easy as you think.  There are many variables that affect the time and budget of a project.  Building an effective website that gives results and allows you to grow takes continued time and effort.  The first step is to schedule a consultation so we can go over your needs and we can then put together a proposal listing your options.  Every situaion is unique, so scheduling a free consultation will allow us to come up with some options for you.

Do you offer monthly services?

We sure do.  For my local businesses I offer explusive services which include content curation, security maintanance, website hosting, business and marketing consulting.  We can be your right hand man for any of your marketing needs.

Who do you work with?

I work in a variety of industries from building small businesses websites and brands to SEO consulting for companies struggling to improve visibility and ranking.  I also offer exclusive services which include content curation, website updates and monitoring, Google Rank tracking as well as online and print marketing consulting.

Do you offer website audits?

You don’t always need a complete new website. Sometimes your current website just needs a boost in order to improve traffic.  We offer comprehensive website and ranking audits and will provide you a detailed report showing suggested changes.   Website Audits start at $500

Do you offer other services?

We offer a full range of services.  We offer hosting for our exclusive clients.  We also offer truck wrap design, package design and if need be, backrubs.  See the services page for our full range of services.