Online Marketing Services 

Improve your online presence. If you are going to say something, say it strongly.  

Website Design & Build

We design and build WordPress websites that are fast, free of clutter, and easy to manage.  Not only do we design a site that stands out, we build a site that search engines and people love.

Social Media Setup and Management 

Today, your online brand needs a cohesive presence across several marketing platforms.  We will look over any gaps that might be hindering your growth. 

Content Creation & Marketing

We look closely at your website’s ranking in Google and identify strengths as well as missed opportunities. Having a pretty website is nice, but is your website showing in search correctly? Are you ranking for the keywords people are using to find your product or service? If not, you may have missed opportunities right in front of you.

Facebook & Google Ads Management

Listening to what you need is one of the most important things we can do.   Our goal is to provide options that propel your company forward.

Monthly Exclusive Services

We will partner with you and you alone for your area.  We will analyze and monitor your competitors, create monthly content, and monitor your ranking for chosen keywords.

Citation Audits and Clean

Making sure your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) are consistent across the internet is important.  People will contact your company from various places, so you have to make sure information is correct and cohesive across several platforms.  

Search Marketing & Strategy

Your online marketing strategy should be a living breathing force that propels your company into success.   

Website Optimization Audits

We will look over your website to find errors and on-page SEO issues, and provide a technical analysis along with a detailed report.  The report will offer detailed suggestions to bring your website up to speed.  

Website Launches

There are many things to consider when launching a new website.  We can support you in this process by making sure every little detail is taken care of to minimize loss in ranking.  We will then monitor your website for a period to make sure everything is working properly. 

Google Search Ranking

We will take a general look at your website’s ranking in Google and make suggestions for improvements. This will help us get a basic understanding of your overall visibility online.

Consulting Services

Today’s online landscape is more competitive than ever, requiring marketing leaders to implement online strategies that attract, convert, and retain loyal customers.  Getting a fresh view can make a world of difference. 

Monthly Google Ranking Reports

Having a clear understanding of your ranking in search is invaluable data to have.  We can track your keywords, show your average ranking in Google, and send out a regular report for you to review.   

Search Marketing Strategy

We are expecting some big changes in mobile design centered around Google’s mobile indexing in 2018, so it is vital to make sure your website is built for mobile users.  This is just one of many things we consider when formulating a successful online marketing plan.  

Print & Graphic Design

Print marketing is still alive and well today.  Do it right from the ground up and everything will fall into place.    

Logo Design

Let’s cut to the chase: your logo is REALLY important.  It’s the first thing people see when you present your company. It reflects your personality, or in the case of your business, your values and principles. We can help with creative direction or design a logo for you.

Corporate Branding & Identity

Establishing a strong brand identity is important if you want to stand out.  Your brand should accurately reflect your company’s message and culture. We create brands that inspire, motivate, and excite people.  

Print Advertising

We will take a general look at your website’s ranking in Google and make suggestions for improvements. This will help us get a basic understanding of your overall visibility online.

Creative Direction

Sometimes you just need someone to help you translate your company’s culture into a brand or advertising.  We closely work with your graphic designer to ensure graphic elements reflect your message.  

Graphic Design

Whether you need social media art or design services for your next ad in the paper, we can assist with any graphic design needs you have.     

Business Cards

Handing someone a business card that sparks the conversation and gets them to notice can set the tone moving forward.  Do you want a card that people will vaguely look at and then slide it into their pocket, or do you want a card that people will hold, feel, and really look at?


Three years ago our small mechanical service business was on a mission to move our advertising dollars out of sluggish print ads and into the magical world of the inter-web where the calls would miraculously pour in.  But, you know what they say, “You get what you pay for”, never rang so true.  Our fledgling effort was performing poorly and we really didn’t even understand why until Justin and his team at Mindset Local showed us that internet advertising is an organic process that must be cultivated with precision and care.  We have used Mindset’s full menu of services including an extensive re branding, a complete web citation cleaning and website rebuild, logo creation, and they continue to be a valuable sounding board for our creative vision.  Behind the scenes they diligently toil away making sure our SEO is on point, manage our social media accounts and reviews, and help us to decipher trends through online reporting so that we know where our efforts should be focused in real time.  Well, sales are way up and we have Justin to thank.  They are not that average corporate-robotic monthly service, they are your genuine partners in business.  Five STARS, two thumbs up, and a big bear hug!

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